Hi folks! As most of you already know, we at CP&AP are comprised of a multidisciplinary team of health care practitioners by means of physiotherapy and kinesiology. The two professions complement each other and share some commonalities in rehabilitation – we hope this clarify things for you.

Physiotherapy is the rehabilitative practice that assesses and intervenes to alleviate pain, discomfort, and/or musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Kinesiology is the combination of multiple sciences (biomechanics, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience) that works to help in the prevention of injury and enhancement of human performance. What does that really mean? Well, if you are currently suffering from pain/discomfort, a physiotherapist will be able to properly assess you and help you overcome that.

If you suffering from strength/mobility issues or need help to reach your optimal level of overall health and performance, a Kinesiologist will be able to assist you towards that. In short, we are here to guide you out of pain/discomfort and help you reach your limitless health and fitness potential!