The Basketball Baseline Test (BBT)

What is the Basketball Baseline Test (BBT)?

The BBT is a basketball-specific exercise and movement assessment test developed by our Kinesiologist Ismail “Ish” Chbihi to create an individual functional fitness baseline for basketball players. This test evaluates a player’s speed, agility, endurance, mobility, and strength as it relates to movement that is specific to the demands of the game of basketball. Not only does the BBT evaluate strengths and weaknesses, it can also give athletes ongoing exercises that will directly impact all aspects of their game.

What’s different about the BBT?

What sets The Baseline Test apart is that it tests a player’s biomechanics in relation to the physical demands of the sport of basketball. General fitness tests are good for just that – being a general test. Different sports have different fitness requirements and different functional movement patterns that the test should be tailored to. In addition to that, The Baseline Test provides the opportunity to build on the obtained results through customized team training sessions.
There are several sports fitness tests out there, however they use general fitness exercises that don’t necessarily translate to the game of Basketball. The Basketball Baseline Test is a unique set of exercises and movement tests that directly affect your personal performance on both ends of the court.

What are the benefits of the BBT?

Many tests advertise their test as part of a national or international registry of scores, and that these scores are heavily used by the top coaches and scouts during recruitment. Unfortunately, the truth is that scouts and coaches don’t really put much emphasis on these test scores. Players can either perform on the court or they can’t – that is precisely what coaches and scouts watch for during recruitment. A player is of no use to a program if they have the top test scores in each respective category but can’t perform. And if a player can perform well, then their fitness must be good and their test scores won’t matter.
fullsizerenderIsh says: “My goal in creating the Basketball Baseline Test is to use it as more of a personal tool for athletes – so that they test their basketball fitness before the season starts to see where they are at. I then help them set some goals and I give them the tools they need to improve. They can work hard until we test again at the mid/end of a season to see how far they’ve come and improved. In my eyes, personal development and improvement is the cornerstone of an athlete’s development. No matter the team’s record in wins and losses, every athlete would benefit from having the opportunity to set goals and track their personal improvement throughout the season.”

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