Athletic Performance

Our expertise is to help you

maximize your Athletic Performance.

Athletic Performance

Capital Athletic Performance expertise is meant to help you improve your craft and get to the next level


Whether you pay to play or get paid to play, we know you want to improve your craft. Our Kinesiologist is highly experienced in assessing your athletic abilities and putting you to work to improve what you need to improve. Every athlete is different, and we take our time to carefully assess you and then tailor each session to your individual needs. Emphasis is placed on movement efficiency, stability, and injury prevention.

Whether you are a soccer player looking to improve foot speed or a basketball player looking to be lower and quicker on defence, your biomechanics will be carefully assessed and we will work to get rid of your weaknesses and take your game to the next level.

Functional Training

Want to improve physical condition but not sure where to start? Tired of paying a gym membership or feel uncomfortable being around strange machines from outer space? Functional training is a program designed specifically for you after taking a full assessment of your physical conditioning. Whether you have physically demanding job that requires you to be in shape, or you just want to feel better about your physical conditioning – Functional Training will help you do just that through one on one private sessions with our Kinesiologist. Diet is a very important part of conditioning so nutritional counseling is also included!

Injury Prevention

We all know that rehabilitation is a crucial component in post injury/ surgery recovery, but did you also know that PREhabilitation can play a vital component to the success of your recovery if done BEFORE you even get injured? Every athlete is different, that is why we apply a holistic approach to carefully assessing each athlete’s anthropometrics in order to determine their weak spots, and work with them to overcome them in order to help them build towards Long Term Athletic Development.

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