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Where athletes Rehab, Train, and Recover.

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Where athletes Rehab, Train, and Recover.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention

Athletic Performance Training

Concussion Management


Highest quality patient-centred care

Individualized treatment

Innovative & Evidence-based practices

Focused on lasting results

What makes us different than the rest of the pack?


Quality Time is Key

Our practice prides itself in our clients’ trust, comfort and medical improvement. The key in achieving the above is to spend quality time with our clients. The most prevalent business practice in our industry is to get as many people in, and out the door as fast as possible in order to serve more clients. We value our time with our clients, “There’s no need to rush”.

A ‘No Gimmicks’ Approach

Our philosophy at Capital Physiotherapy Orleans is grounded in the belief that treatment should be driven by a “hands on” approach. This means that we won’t hook you up to a machine and leave you unattended for thirty minutes. Although at times technology may be beneficial, we believe in utilizing proven physiotherapy techniques that require our staff to be actively involved in your care. We’ll journey with you to regain control of your physical well-being.

Athletic Enthusiasts

All of our professionals are lifelong athletes, who have competed in competitive sports. As Physiotherapy and Kinesiology professionals it is paramount that we understand the importance of maximizing physical performance post rehabilitation. Our experience in pushing our own bodies to produce maximum results has given us that extra edge of clarity when working with our patients.


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